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Charanamaya about 15 hours ago

Lido House Salad

Out of all the delicious dishes, Lido's House Salad with their banquets stands out. Yes, their menu is extensive, both for catering events and out-of-house, but, this, what one might call uninspired in a meal, is truly the hero of Lido's dining experience. No, it is not the wonderful crisp crust of the flatbreads, with fragrant and tantalizing sauces and toppings that perfectly pair with drink and friends. Not the perfectly cooked steaks that show the great care and desire of Lido's staff at providing a perfect dining experience for their customers. Instead, it is the unsung hero of many meals across America: the house salad. A perfect blend of gorgeously colored mixed greens. Enough tomatoes to add j juiciness, yet not overwhelm the flavor. Delightful blue cheese balanced with hearty artichokes and a tart blend of a fabulous balsamic vinaigrette. Normally, one ingredient overpowers another. Someone adds too much dressing that takes out the subtle flavor of the tomato. Blue cheese easily overpowers to where you wonder if there are any other flavors. Artichokes too plentiful that you start to crave pesto instead. No, no! After multiple experiences with Lido's banquets, this salad truly shows the upmost quality that Lido Di Manhattan can and will provide. The superior pallet of their chefs, the care and consideration of their staff, and the deep understanding that food is not just for survival, but an experience. We should take the care and consideration with our every meal that Lido takes with every dish.

Allysonbrown6 25 days ago

Chicken Parmesan

I Love Love Love this amazing restaurant!!!! I come here every year. I look forward to it and i tell everyone they must go! Once you do, youll always go back! Food is outstanding and so is the service. My favorite restaurant by far.

Gregtaylor86 about 2 months ago

Rack of Lamb

Delicious, as is all their dinner entrees are

Valencia 12 days ago

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

The BBQ chicken flatbread is everything and more! Talk about baked to perfection! All of the flavors come together really well! My favorite restaurant for lunch or something light after work in the Manhattan Beach area.

Toniramirez551 about 2 months ago

8 Oz Black Angus Burger

Came here while I was in town and it blew my already high expectations away! Will definitely keep coming back.


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